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Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Liguori Drag Racing LLC

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Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles introduces high frequency sound waves to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates such as metals, plastics, glass, and rubber.

Ultrasonic cleaning can penetrate blind holes, cracks and recesses that are hard to get to.

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

I can ultrasonic clean items up to 20" x 12" x 21" 

Motorcycle cylinder heads $65.00

Motorcycle cylinder blocks $65.00

Motorcycle cases with studs removed $100.00

Motorcycle cases with built in block $130.00

Lectron Carburetors $100.00

Side covers $20.00 per piece

Misc. Bolts/nuts $15.00

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For shipping address to send parts to.

Email/text/call me.


PH: (330) 422-3731


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