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Relay Holder Kit

Relay Holder Kit

FuelTech USA

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Automotive relay holder for 4 or 5 pin Mini ISO relays (Regular 40A relays)

Perfect relay connector to use with the 40A relay with built in fuse (

Crimp terminals are rated for high current and are the special spring pressure contact terminal to guarantee great contact even under vibration environment

Kit includes:

  • Housing with mounting flap to be mounted individually or can be interlocked
  • 3 of the high current crimp terminals to be used on pin 30, 87 and 87a compatible with wire 3.3mm2 to 5.3mm2 (12AWG to 10AWG)
  • 2 of the low current crimp terminals to be used on pins 85 and 86 compatible with wire 0.5mm2 to 0.8mm2 (20AWG to 18AWG)
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