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Oil Pan Baffle Hayabusa (99-20)

Oil Pan Baffle Hayabusa (99-20)

Brocks Performance

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  • Prevent oil starvation due to hard acceleration or wheelies
  • OEM direct pick-up to case o-ring seal (no silicone required)
  • Compatible with stock, 1”, 2” and Pro Street (dry sump style) aftermarket oil pans and pick-ups
  • Compatible with McIntosh 1.5" and Wedge Style oil pans
  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Laser cut and precision bent
  • Superior design eliminates the need for a clutch hole cover plate
  • Easy installation
  • Proudly made in the USA

During a hard launch, or wheelie, the oil in the pan tends to surge to the rear and upward into the transmission cavity- allowing the oil pick-up to momentarily run dry. This can create scuff problems on bearing surfaces and quickly lead to complete engine failure. Our newly updated oil pan baffle prevents this problem while still allowing the OEM o-ring seal, instead of relying on a silicon seal like the competition. The Brock's Performance Oil Pan Baffle is just another example of Brock’s commitment to smart/simple cures to help eliminate large expensive problems. A must for stock wheelbase and extra long bikes-especially with modified engines.

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