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FuelTech Basic Training

FuelTech Basic Training

Liguori Drag Racing LLC

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FuelTech Training by David Liguori:

You will receive a ZOOM Meeting link and information via email before the training. Refunds not available the day of training, please make sure you are available.

$99 to access training.
Training will be 1-2 hours long with Q&A at the end of each section.
This will be done through Zoom meeting.
You will need to access and have good internet access.
Training will be scheduled for the weekends or evenings, please make sure you will be available.
I will post the link to my website with date, time and number of spots available. First come first serve. I will try to do atleast one training session per week this winter.


How to create a base map for your vehicle.
Understanding the software and how it works.
Reading and writing the ecu.
Editing axis in tables.
Saving multiple maps to the ecu.
Understanding the diagnostic panel.
Fuel tables and how it all works.
Ignition tables and how it works.
Other functions, why we use them to our benefit.
Drag race features. Understanding a valid launch, why it’s a must and how to setup a valid launch if you don’t use a 2step.
Launch delay control features.
Gear shift settings explained.
Inputs and outputs explained.
Dashboard setup.

Basic overview:
Wastegate control
Nitrous control
Time based compensations
Wheelie control
I will not get in depth on these functions.

I will have more zoom advanced and datalogging training sessions at a later date.
You must go through basic training before you do any advanced or datalogging training. No matter how advanced you think you are you might still learn something.

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