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Flex Fuel Sensor

Flex Fuel Sensor

FuelTech USA

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  • Ethanol content is a basis for many functions in an engine. The ethanol content as a variable can be the difference between having optimised ignition timing, fuel injection and boost levels when tuning versus average output when not compensating for the variable.
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The FuelTech Flex Fuel sensor is the way in which to monitor and vary the ignition timing, fuel injection and boost level based off the ethanol content in the engine’s fuel.

By setting up the FuelTech Flex Fuel sensor and optimising the parameters within FuelTech’s FTManager software, the tuner is able to compensate for a change in ethanol content and also monitor the fuel temperature. This is all pre-determined and setup within the FTManager software giving the end user the ability to simply select the flex fuel sensor under inputs, determine the content of the fuel when it comes to tuning and input that data into the Flex Fuel wizard. From there the specific tables are populated based off the default ethanol content entered and compensations applied around the default percentage.

The FuelTech Flex Fuel sensor has 3/8” push on/quick connect style fittings with a max flow of 1.76GPM or 400LPH.

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