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Complete Hayabusa Powered Drag Bike Roller No Engine

Complete Hayabusa Powered Drag Bike Roller No Engine

Liguori Drag Racing LLC

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Drag Bikes in pictures are not for sale! They are examples of what we can build for you!

Below you will find a complete list of components and individual pricing for a complete drag bike roller with electronics, fuel system and nitrous. Just add your engine/exhaust and go 4.60 racing.

We can provide a complete engine build if needed.

Items can be changed, added or removed to fit your racing preferences.

Allow 6-8 months for a full complete build. We will always try to deliver as soon as possible.

We can test your bike before delivery with your provided engine.

Body work in this quote is raw and unpainted.

Please contact us to place your order and we can go over options and/or changes.

  • 1/2 down payment
  • 1/4 down payment at 3 months from when order is placed
  • Rest of payment due on pickup


Big tire 12" chassis with bearing support and axle blocks $4,000
Wheelie bars $695
Powdercoat frame and wheelie bars $650
Friction dampener and mounting $100
Foot pegs $65
Custom rear axle $150
Custom front sprocket $375
Rear sprocket $141
Chain guard mounted $50
Extra dzus tabs for side panels, inner panels and wheelie bars $240
Carbon inner and outer panels $300
Aluminum wheelie bar panels $120
Nitrous bottle mounts $80
Assembly for entire build (no engine work) $5,000
Total $11,966
Wheels-Brakes-Front end
RC Aurora Front wheel 18" $595
RC Aurora Dual Spyder Beadlock 12" $1,195
10" Floating Front Rotor $179
10" Floating Rear Rotor $179
Black anodized front end $1,600
Magura Master Cylinders Left and Right $250
M/T Front tire $290
M/T Rear tire 3055s tire $275
Front and Rear Brembo brakes with hangers $350
Total $4,913
422 Pro Mod Gen 1 Hayabusa bodywork $750
Pro Mod Tub $189
Pro Mod 1/4 Fairing $250
Windscreen $119
Front Fender  $150
Total $1,458
FuelTech FT550 $1,897
Sparkpro 4 $199
O2 System $308
Oil Pressure $129
Fuel Pressure $129
Nitrous Pressure $129
Shift Air Pressure $129
EGT-4 and sensors $675
Speed sensor and collar $350
USB Dash mount $24
1 Dial Board $499
Pingel Tether $121
MSD Relay $195
P.10S Main Battery $319
P.1--24V Battery $139
Battery box $59
Start Solenoid $80
Left Hand Control $270
Right Hand Control $270
Tail Light $15
Custom professionally built wiring harness $2,200
Total $8,136
Shift Solenoid $75
Shift Cylinder $75
Shift Lever $100
Nitrous regulator for shifting $79
Total $329
Fuel system
Fuel cell with built in pump assembly $600
Motion pro throttle assembly $160
Billet fuel rail $130
650CC Injectors $352
Fuel regulator $175
Fuel fittings and hose $200
Total $1,617
Dual stage nitrous system $1,800
5 lb bottle $261
Bottle warmer $143
20v adapter $20
Heater relay $12
Misc fitting and hoses $200
Total $2,436
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