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CDI Racing Ignition Coil

CDI Racing Ignition Coil

FuelTech USA

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  • The FuelTech CDI Racing Ignition Coil is made to be used with our FuelTech FTSPARK 600mJ ignition module with individual coil per cylinder and also rotary applications
  • This coil is made for Capacitive Discharge Ignition only and can not be used with a inductive ignition driver
  • Only compatible with FuelTech FTSPARK
  • Not compatible with FuelTech SparkPRO


Technical Description

  • Specifications
    Primary resistance
    : 0.09 OHM +- 10%
    Primary inductance: 0.78 mH +- 15% 
    Secondary resistance: 988 ohm +- 15% 
    Secondary inductance: 3.7 H +- 15% 
    Leakage inductance: 0.057 mH +- 10%
    Test voltage: 470 Vdc 
    Output (no load): 44 kV MIN
    Turns ratio: 70:1

Contents of Packaging

  • 1 CDI Racing Ignition Coil
  • 1 Smart Ignition Coil mating plug kit (optional)
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