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Adjustable 2-step button up to .030

Adjustable 2-step button up to .030

Liguori Drag Racing LLC

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Now with a NEW oversized, concave shaped top. The same style we made popular in our "Double O" Button. The top looks great, fits a finger perfect with or without gloves, and has a built in allen screw for easy removal.

For those who are redlighting by a few hundredths of a second, an Oversized Harrington Switch is exactly what you need. This high amperage, extra long travel microswitch, delays your reaction time up to three hundredths (.03). It is very useful in classes that do not allow delay boxes. The included adjustable collar and has made this button popular for a decade now! The NEW oversized concave shaped top provides comfortable and confident releases with a diameter of about 1 inch. The screw on/off collar allows you to increase or decrease the amount of throw for different situations. For mounting this button to a steering wheel or any other location of your choice, we have heavy duty stretch cords that can handle all transbrake switches

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