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Dogwood Racing TailBone Quick Release ZX14

Dogwood Racing

  • $70.00

The TailBone bolts to existing holes at the rear of your factory ZX14 subframe and allows you to easily use quick release quarter turn fasteners at the rear of your Prostreet style tail. 

The Tailbone fits 4 through 12 inch Prostreet style tails. For 18 and 21 inch Outlaw tails we have an extended Outlaw TailBone available as well. 

The Tailbone will come complete with quarter turn fasteners, two springs, four pop rivets, mounting hardware and instructions. Modern Catalyst tails typically work with .500" grip range quick release fasteners. Other manufacturers may have different thicknesses and if so would require different length fasteners. The kit will come with two .500" fasteners.

This product is designed to be used with Catalyst Prostreet, NOT Supersport tails.

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