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Dynotune Co2 Shifter Kit For Motorcycles

Dynotune Co2 Shifter Kit For Motorcycles

Dynotune Nitrous

  • $259.00

This Co2 shift kit is the best one the market. It will make the quickest shifts around and decrease your ET a whole bunch! A Co2 tank system, just fill it with Co2 from a local sporting goods store, and you have enough gas to power 200-300 shifts depending on bottle size. Simple, cost effective lightning quick shifts. Compare our kit to others and you will see why DynoTune always wins.

> Massive ports in air solenoid=lightning quick shifts, 12V

>High flow 2 port bottle outlet, ulitimate in installation flexibility! two ports out the side. (1/8" NPT ports)

>liquid filled high pressure stainless 1500 PSI gauge

>High flow blue Co2 regulator reduces the 1000 PSI Co2 pressure down to 160 PSI.

>Nickel Chrome fittings, 90 degree swivel fittings etc, not plastic cheap ones. 2 Foot Braided Co2 line to regulator.

>Dot Co2 bottle, pick your color and size!

>Stainless bottle bracket with T bolt.

>10 feet of black air tubing

>2" travel on air cylinder, universal mount with clevis and nuts, quality long life, low friction seals, micro polished bore etc!

>Instruction Manual

Note: Only to be used for off road use only, For use with CO2 only.

These kits are universal and require other parts to make it work. You will need to fabricate or buy a small right angle bracket so you can mount the shifter air cylinder to the side of your engine or frame. You will also need an ignition or fuel kill box. These devices unload the transmission during shifts so it will go into the next gear, just like clutchless shifting manually.... we sell them, check them out in the air shifter section...

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