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APE ZX14 Billet Oil Pump Cover, High Pressure Gear and DME Oil Relief Valve


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Packaged together!

APE reintroduces the popular Kawasaki ZX14 heavy duty oil pump cover. This popular mod was manufactured for years by a company no longer in business.

The oem cover on the ZX14 is well known to bow under pressure and leak resulting in pressure drop. This problem is compounded when high pressure check valve is used. The APE cover can not flex.

Problem solved.

APE This gear is a direct bolt in replacement for the stock gear, and helps assure an adequate oil supply to the crankshaft bearings.


DME High pressure oil relief valve from DME increases oil pressure throughout the engine to ensure proper lubrication.

Catastrophic engine failures are most commonly caused by a loss in oil to key components.  Rod and main bearings are prime examples of that, as are cam buckets, cam lobes and the transmission.

The DME oil pressure valve helps to reduce this by increasing oil pressure from the standard of 70psi to over 110psi to keep oil moving and is used by top engine builders.

(Torque to 7ft lbs)

Replaces OEM: 16130-1059

Kawasaki model fits:

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