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MPS Nitrous Showerhead Solenoid .063 Orifice

MPS Racing

  • $199.00

The MPS Showerhead Solenoids were designed to shorten the solenoid and shower head assembly’s overall length.  They are available in both .063” orifice and .093” orifice and use a Teflon plunger seal.  The Showerhead Solenoids feature an inlet port, 4 outlet ports, a purge port, and a jet pressure port.  The inlet port and the purge port are interchangeable.  The jet pressure port is used to monitor the pressure between the jet and the solenoid.  By monitoring the jet pressure you can see the true progression of your nitrous system.  All ports are 1/8” NPT.  They come with two 1/8” NPT plugs to block any unused ports.  Two 8-32 x ½” mounting screws are also included to mount the solenoid.  All plugs and mounting screws are loose.  Tighten all fittings and mounts before use.  We recommend no sealant on the jet pressure port or the four outlet ports.  Use Loctite 545 thread sealant on the purge and inlet ports only. 

Both bases are available separately and are a direct fit for NX Lightning solenoids.  The .063” orifice base P/N 1-0813 fits the NX Lightning P/N 15100L and the .093” orifice P/N 1-0791 fits the NX Lightning P/N 15200L.

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